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Nonviolent Initiative for Democracy Inc. (NID) is a non-profit organization that aims to teach the principles and methods of nonviolence in the process of establishing democracy. We believe that in developing societies the road to democracy will be better paved and stronger, if it is through nonviolent struggle, dissemination of democratic and peaceful norms and values, and promotion of pluralism and tolerance.
We maintain that belief in pluralism in theory and practice, peaceful coexistence, tolerance, and respect for freedom of thought, are pre-conditions for democracy as well as a better world without violence. Thus the dissemination of nonviolence principle in all facets of individual and collective life constitutes the essence of our efforts. We endeavor to contribute to the goal of global peace and security and establishment of democracy, as well as treating these goals as a universal set of values.
Since we believe in institutionalizing nonviolence, we aim to raise consciousness in different societies with regard to the following issues: secularism and nonviolence; the roots of nonviolence in different religions; creating tolerance and respect between believers and secular individuals; methods of nonviolent struggle; rule of law; expansion of political participation and civil society; expansion of dialogue, communication and coexistence on the national and international levels; transparency, responsibility and accountability of the government.​

The Nonviolent Initiative for Democracy Inc. (NID) is grateful to all our donors for your generous support of our efforts to promote the culture of nonviolence and democracy around the globe. We appreciate your commitment to NID's mission.
NID is a public 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and your contributions are tax deductible.

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