Globalization & Social Movement around the World

The Celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. Nonviolent Initiative for Democracy present a lecture on:

Globalization & Social Movement around the World

Dr. Aram Hessami


Dr. Aram Hessami is a professor of Political Science and Philosophy at Montgomery College in Rockville Maryland. He is a native of Iran and immigrated to the United States in May of 1979. He received his BA, MA, and Doctorate in Political Science from The George Washington University in 1993. Dr. Hessami’s specialization is in Western Political Thought and Post-modern philosophy. His research and publications are focused on Democratic Transition, Discourse Theory and Social Change. He also has numerous   published articles: from Iran’s Nuclear Discourse to Globalization and Social Change.  He co-edited a book, Contemporary Social Discourse. He has presented his papers and ideas in various colleges and universities including University of Massachusetts, University of Boston, University of South Carolina, University of Maryland Baltimore County, Baltimore School of Law, and The George Washington University in topics such as “Power and Control: The Plight of Women in Iran,” “Federalism: The Ultimate Check on Usurpation of Power,” “The Public and the Private Spheres: The Limits of Government,” “Morality, Amorality, and Politics.”

Since September 2001, Dr. Hessami has been appearing in various media outlets including CNN Radio affiliate, Radio Farda, Radio Zamaneh and various International Television outlets such as Voice of America, Andisheh, Iran e ma, Mihan TV, etc.

Dr. Hessami is on the Board of Directors and a vice-president of Iranian Academic Association.


Nazila Fathi

Former New York Times Correspondent

January 20/2013

5:00 – 7:00pm

Location: 281 Concord Ave., Cambridge MA 02138


Free & Open to public

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